Monday, 22 May 2017

My New Beauty Company

As some of you may know, i am now partnered up with a beauty company to act as a distributor for them. Ever since i discovered makeup, i have always known that i wanted a career in the beauty industry, so for me this is like the first step. Its not a full time job, but i know a few girls who i work along side with, who do have this as their full time job which is amazing. Its not gonna be a very long post, but i hope that anyone reading does consider this. 

Not only is the company amazing, but the products are also incredible. I can hands down say, they are staples in my daily routines and i find myself reaching for them all the time. There are so many different products, over 200 to be precise, to try aswell and i have only got around 10 products, so i have a lot more to try. I am going to be doing in depth reviews on the products I've got very soon, so that everyone can see pictures of them on myself and also, you can see some before and after pictures. I have really only tried skincare and body care products at the moment, but they do makeup, weight management, hair care and so much more. You have the opportunity to work your way up to high pin titles, which are basically promotions. At each pin title, you can earn a certain amount and even more. The picture below, just shows you what you can be earning as each pin title. When you recruit people, this obviously helps you to get to these titles quicker, but also you earn points of their sales and you also receive a commission. Its a great way to build a team and earn some extra money. For me, i need money for travelling, so the extra money i make, i use for food, petrol, gym fares and social events, not that i have any social events. 
 The company also has success trips every year. Previously they have been to South Africa and next year they are heading off to a private island which is incredible. Its an all expenses paid for trip and i believe you get to bring a plus 1, so you can share the experience with a loved one or even just a friend. I am so motivated to get there, no matter how long it takes me, because i know that it will be an amazing opportunities and open lots of new doors for my future. Lots of the girls who are also in the business are so inspiring and motivating that it really helps you be focused on bettering your life and also helping others. The company also has another trip to Marbella each year, however, i believe next year its a different venue. This is were they celebrate how far everyone has come and its basically a massive party. From pictures and the video i have seen, it looks incredible. I have linked the video here for you check out. 

For anyone thinking or asking themselves is this a scam? No. Simple answer. I used to hate people that did these posts and were network marketers, but until you try it, realistically you have no idea what these people do and how the business work. Now i am one of them and I wouldn't ever look back. As the saying goes, don't knock something, until you've tried it! Sure there are loads of similar companies, but the company I'm with looks after their distributors, takes you on all expenses paid for trips and they make people into millionaires!

Would you like to work flexibly from home around your current commitments??
Would you like more time with family and friends??
Would an extra income be handy for those little treats at the end of the month or even the bigger things like holidays or new homes?
Do you have 5+ hours spare per week?
Are you motivated enough to change your life for the better?
Do you spend a great deal of time on social media?

If you have said yes to all of the above question, please either comment or email me and i would love to get you signed up today! 

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